Destination : 2 NIGHTS KUTA + 2 NIGHTS UBUD

Duration : 4Nights/5Days

Must see attractions in Bali : Tanah Lot Temple, Ubud Monkey Forest, Kintamani Volcano,Kuta and Seminiyak Beach, Uluwatu, Mount Batur, Nus Dua Beach, Nusa Penida, The Sideman Valley, Sekumpul Waterfall, Waterbom Bali and much more…

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Best time to visit : The best time to visit Bali is between April and October, the island's dry season. Bali experiences only two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. Throughout the year, the daytime temps hover between the mid-80s and low 90s, with only the humidity and precipitation patterns changing.

Arrival and Departure Airport: : Ngurah Rai International Airport

Time Difference: : Bali is two hours, thirty minutes ahead of India.

Currency: : Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Language: : Bahasa Indonesia (official language) and English

Pickup & Drop : Ngurah Rai International Airport
Jalan Raya Gusti Ngurah Rai, Tuban, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80362, Indonesia

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3 Star Hotels in Bali : Wina Holiday Villa, The Tusita Hotel Kuta, Grand Livio Kuta / Similar

4 Star Hotels in Bali : Harris Kuta Galleria Hotel,Fontana Hotel Kuta , Grand Kuta, Harris River View Kuta, Grand Ixora, Dream Villa Seminiyak, Aston Kuta Bali / Similar

5 star Hotels in Bali : Ritz Carlton, Grand Hyatt Bali, Anantara Uluwatu Resort, Bulgari Resort Bali, The Anaya Beach Resort / Similar

Ritz Carlton
Ritz Carlton
Ritz Carlton

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OriginDestinationDistances in KM
AirportKuta City5km 15 mins
AirportSeminiyak Beach11 km 30 mins
KutaSeminiyak3km 10 mins
SeminiyakUbud40kms 1hr
KutaNusa Penida2 hours
KutaNusa Dua18km 30 mins
KutaTanah Lot Temple20km 50mins
SeminiyakUluwatu Temple27km 50 mins




Airfare subject to availability

15kg of check in + 7 kg of cabin baggage per person (Air Asia)




Airfare subject to availability

15kg of check in + 7 kg of cabin baggage per person (Air Asia)

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  • Where is Bali located?
  • Bali is an island in the Indian Ocean and it is a province of Indonesia. It can be found two miles east of Java.
  • When is the best time to go?
  • Bali is a spectacular destination to visit all year round with stunning tropical scenery and endless opportunities for adventure. While temperatures tend to average 27 °C throughout the year, we recommend May-September for optimal tropical conditions without the holiday crowds.
  • Is Bali a good destination to take children?
  • Bali is a great holiday destination for families with young children, thanks to its tropical climate and a fantastic range of exciting activities. Many Bali resorts also offer kids club and childminding facilities, so mum and dad can relax knowing that the kids are safe and having the time of their lives.
  • Do they have ATMs, and can I use my credit card?
  • There are ATM's located all over the islands, although the daily withdrawal limits are quite low and vary between machines. There are also several money changers located in the main retail precincts. While they offer competitive rates, you must ALWAYS check how much Rupiah you will receive for your money and count the exchange carefully to ensure the transaction is correct
  • What is the currency in Bali?
  • The currency in Bali is the Rupiah (Rp)
  • Is Bali Safe?
  • Yes. Bali has always been peaceful, it is the only Hindu island in the Islamic Indonesian archipelago and up until the 2002 and 2005 Kuta bombings, planned by outsiders. However, since the attacks, the Indonesian government has taken the threat of terrorism very seriously and use measures to monitor and work to prevent future attacks. As for safety in the streets, there is very little violent crime in Bali, especially in Ubud - just be cautious against pickpockets in the beach areas and with handbags on motorbikes late at night. Always put your valuables under the seat of your motorbike/scooter.
  • Can I drink tap water in Bali?
  • No! Always drink bottled or filtered water. 99% of restaurants in Bali use bottled water for all cooking purposes and it is advisable to drink and brush teeth with bottled water to avoid 'Bali Belly' - mild dysentery which can occur but passes in a few days.
  • What clothing can I wear in Bali?
  • Where you will stay will 99% of the time be air-conditioned or with a fan, but outside it is hot and humid. Flip flops or comfortable walking sandals are a must with light clothing like t-shirts and shorts to keep you cool are recommended and a light pullover in the evenings if you are riding a motorbike. When entering temples you must be respectful and have your shoulders covered and wear a sarong (for men and women) - usually, sarongs are provided for you when you visit a temple. You may want to always keep a waterproof jacket nearby if you are in Ubud between November - February as quick and heavy showers can occur and you may get caught!
  • Is Bali a Buddhist country?
  • Though Bali is a multi-religious island, most of the people on the island follow Balinese Hinduism which is a fusion of Indian and local Bali customs and culture. Muslim, Christianity, and Buddhism are a few other minority religions on the island.
  • Does Bali airport have WiFi?
  • Yes, Denpasar Ngurah International Airport in Bali has free wifi and it is easy to connect to the network too. The free session lasts for 240 minutes.
  • How many airports does Bali have?
  • There is only one airport in Bali i.e. Denpasar Ngurah International Airport. The airport has two terminals designated to domestic and international flights. The airport has all the modern facilities to provide convenience and comfort to the passengers.
  • How many airports does Bali have?
  • There is only one airport in Bali i.e. Denpasar Ngurah International Airport. The airport has two terminals designated for domestic and international flights. The airport has all the modern facilities to provide convenience and comfort to the passengers.
  • What language do they speak in Bali?
  • Bahasa Bali and Bahasa Indonesian are the most prominent languages on the island. Most people in Balinese are bilingual and speak both these languages. A fewer people are fluent in the English language.
  • Does Bali have Uber?
  • Yes, Uber is available in Bali. But it is mostly functioning in the areas of Kuta and Seminyak.
  • What is the time difference between India and Bali?
  • Bali is two hours, thirty minutes ahead of India.
  • What is the best way to travel to Bali?
  • Reaching Bali by sea is quite popular as there are several cruise liners that stopover at Bali, but you will first need to reach Singapore or Sumatra to board. However, the best way to travel to Bali is by air as the Denpasar International Airport receives international as well as domestic flights regularly.
  • What are the popular places to see here?
  • The popular places to see in Bali are Ubud for its forests and temples; Kuta for its beaches and surfing; Nusa Dua for its resorts; and Denpasar which is the capital of Bali. 
    Nusa Penida: Out of the three picturesque islands located near Bali, Nusa Penida is the largest. You can get a ferry from Sanur and explore the island. Highlights of the island are Atuh Beach, Seganing Falls, Kelingking T-Rex and Angel's Billabong. If you are looking for an authentic coastal experience, this is where you should head.
  • What's the food like there? Can I get Indian food? What about vegetarian options?
  • Bali is famous for delicious food, specifical noodles in vegetables, chicken, shrimp or pork. One of the most famous dishes from Bali is Nasi Goreng. There are also several Indian restaurants in Bali if you have a craving for homestyle Indian food and some of these have thalis, curries and delicious dals and kormas. There are also plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans.
  • What are the emergency numbers in Bali?
  • 112 is Bali's main emergency number.
  • What are some of the things to do here?
  • Since Bali is an island, there is a lot of beach-related activities to pursue here such as surfing and swimming. There are also museums, caves, waterfalls and temples and numerous other wonderful things to see here.

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Bali Island is a small island and a part of Indonesia. It is located in a tropical situation and a dream place for leisure, vacation and Bali Honeymoon Package Tour. Rice paddies, beautiful panorama, volcanoes, hotels, villas, resort water activity and many more. In Bali, the spirits are coming out to play in the moonlight, every night is a festival and even a funeral is an opportunity to have a good time and the day you will get the enjoyment of the sea breeze from the blue sea water which completing your dream holiday.


• Pura Tanah Lot • Uluwatu Temple • Besakih Temple • Pura Ulun Danu Bratan • Ubud Monkey Forest • Kuta Beach • Lovina Beach • Seminyak • Tegallalang • Nusa Lembongan • Nusa Penida • Canggu • Karangasem • Mount Batur • West Bali National Park


• Surfing • White water rafting • Waterbom Bali • Sea walks • Diving • Kite surfing • Atv rides • Parasailing • Canyon tubing


About Stay - Choose a place accordingly to the type of experience you need. The further out from the tourist hub of Kuta you stay the more peaceful and quiet your Bali Honeymoon Tour will be. Areas like Kuta are great for honeymooners and family holiday planners with kids. It has access to all tourist attractions, themed hotels and central shopping districts. Legian and Seminyak for a slightly quieter stay and you will find good private villas.

Reflag on Beaches - Don’t swim on or try to go near beaches where red flags fly. The Southwest part extending from Kuta to Canggu have dangerous rips tides and undertows. At certain times of the day and year, red flags are erected on dangerous beaches.

Forex - Exchange money from establishments where you can change your cash without worry. Do not get fleeced by dishonest money changers. Try changing your currency at one of Bali’s most reputable banks. Try using their ATMs to withdraw cash directly from your credit card or bank account. Many Hotel front desks will assist with currency exchange but generally provide lower exchange rates.

ATM - In Bali ATMs, after receiving your money you will receive a receipt and then be prompted to either end your transaction or proceed with a further withdrawal. Unless you properly end your transaction the card is not returned. As the sequence is different, many visitors report leaving the ATM before their card is returned. Please check before you leave ATM.

Drinking-Water - To play it safe, stick to bottled water throughout your stay during Bali Tour. It is cheap, readily available and the number one way. Re-usable stainless steel flasks are also available for purchase throughout Bali.

Refill at your hotel & restaurants or purchase a large bottle from a mini-mart & return the plastic container.

Clothing (Weather) - Bali is humid and a tropical Island After all. Always use light-coloured and lightweight clothes during your stay. Use walking shorts or board shorts instead of jeans. You can just wear flip flops while walking around Kuta as even the bars and restaurants are not strict on the dress code as Bali is a party place after all.

Bali is home to some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world, where no tourist demand is too demanding and service with a smile is standard. Meilleur Holidays organizes Bali Package Tour from Kolkata, Bali Honeymoon Package Tour from Delhi with the best price GUARANTEED.

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